Featured Keynote Speakers

2021 IRI Medalist

Demis Hassabis, CEO and Founder, DeepMind

The New hybrid work (place): how and where work will get done

Jean Anderson, Principal – Design Director, Gensler
Janet Pogue-McLarin, Principal – Global Workplace Research Leader, Gensler

Driving Diversity, equity & inclusion in global organizations

Talita Erickson, CEO of Casa Barilla Restaurants, Barilla Group

Leading through crisis: lean principles and collaboration in the age of covid

Angie Norman, Executive Lean Leader РFinance, GE

Shifting a 2,000-year-old industry: the road to carbon neutrality for concrete

Tom Schuler, President and CEO, Solidia Technologies

how worried should you be about artificial intelligence?

Darrell West, VP of Governance Studies, The Brookings Institute


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