Tuesday, May 18th: Industry 4.0 & Digitalization

[Keynote] IRI Medalist Fireside Chat – Demis Hassabis

The past decade has seen huge leaps in the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. DeepMind has been in the vanguard of many of these big breakthroughs in AI, for example using self-learning techniques to master challenging games such as Atari, StarCraft and Go. Recently, systems have become sophisticated and mature enough to start being meaningfully applied to a myriad of real world problems from logistics and healthcare. Excitingly, we are now perhaps reaching the point where AI can be used as a powerful tool to help accelerate scientific discovery itself, as DeepMind recently demonstrated with our AlphaFold system, a potential solution to the 50-year grand challenge of protein folding.

Demis Hassabis              CEO & Founder, DeepMind
[Breakout] Leading Digital Transformation in Chemical Plant Operations

INVISTA is a global leader in the production of Nylon 66 intermediates, polymer, fiber, and resin. Since 4Q2018, the Operations team has been focused on transforming how work is done in our plants and how our employees themselves are transforming using the power of today’s digital technology. With the goal of converting Data to Knowledge, Knowledge to Action, Action to Value, Jerry will describe progress in four workstreams — process control, connected worker, material flow automation, and asset performance management.

Jerry Grunewald           VP of Operations Transformation, INVISTA
[Breakout] Industry 4.0: Improving Pandemic Response

While the COVID pandemic led to a remarkable response in terms of vaccine production, it also exposed weaknesses in the supply chain. We discuss how to strengthen supply chain for IRI companies to strengthen response in a future pandemic. By drawing from Industrial supply chain and S&OP practices, Shah Karim discusses how to strengthen and improve flexibility in supply chain response during a public health emergency. We relate this to IRI’s R&D leadership as we progress with Industry 4.0. Using Big Data, digital systems and analytics, companies can execute with greater efficiency – and flexibility – while reducing risk and removing bottlenecks in future pandemic responses.

Shah Karim                          CEO, Saferock


[Breakout] R&D in the New Normal (IRI Research)

IRI PILOT research project update
IRI and Babson College have teamed up to conduct a longitudinal study on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on R&D and innovation management. The project focuses on best and next practices in the following areas:

1. Impact on R&D effectiveness
2. R&D execution: Delivering value
3. Maintaining R&D organizational culture and employee engagement
4. Managing R&D remotely
5. Maintaining and developing R&D knowledge and expertise in the long term

In this session, attendees will be broken into groups to discuss how the abrupt shift in working has impacted their organizations, specifically regarding the topics above

Sebastian Fixon Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Innovation, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business
Gina O’Connor Professor of Innovation Management, Babson College
[Breakout] The Stories We Tell: Understanding How Innovators Solicit, Share, Collect, and Circulate Innovation Stories

In this talk, we will reveal data from a mixed methods research inquiry into innovation storytelling, reporting on qualitative insights from 45-minute interviews with over 100 global innovation leaders, plus quantitative survey data collected from global innovation leaders. This resulting “State of the Field” report will reveal the statistical significance, financial and personnel resources, training commitments, and resources allocated to innovation storytelling across 80 innovative companies and federal government institutions. Participants will gain insight into the role of storytelling within the innovation process. More importantly, they will gain access to comparative data that can support them in evaluating the effectiveness of their institution’s innovation storytelling efforts. Finally, participants will learn the key drivers of innovation storytelling, experience epic examples that bring effective storytelling within innovation to life, and gain strategies and tips for accelerating their innovation process through more strategic approaches to

Katie Trauth Taylor Founder and CEO, Untold Content
[Breakout] Corporate Entrepreneurship

This fast-paced TEDx-style presentation addresses three questions currently being researched by an IRI transformational innovation and corporate entrepreneurship pilot. The session will include three 15-minute presentation addressing each of these questions and the PILOT research team’s findings.

1) How well is my company oriented toward corporate entrepreneurship?
IRI-Echo Strategies Pilot: Stevenson Benchmarking Tool
2) How important is language in cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship?
IRI-Echo Strategies Pilot: The Language of Transformational Innovation
3) How can one identify collaboration boundaries, bridges, or bottlenecks?
Corporate Innovator Network Analysis: Lessons Learned

Lou Musante                      Echo Strategies
Richard Stachel Director of Master of Healthcare Administration Program and Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration and Business, Gannon University







[tim talk] AI, the new norm for the Open innovation professional – Presented by Dolcera

Artificial intelligence is not new to most of us. It has been here for a few years already. But how have A.I. tools helped with tech transfer and the tech scouting fraternity embraced this? There are several tools available in the market but how does a tech transfer / tech scouting professional make his/her life easy with these advancements? Most of the tools are like black boxes that shed little or no understanding as to what happens behind the screens. Without this transparency, it is only natural for professionals to have little faith in these tool’s results. In this presentation, we will be sharing the following:

      1. How does Dolcera’s A.I. help the tech transfer / tech scouting professionals with specific use cases?
      2. Transparency in the A.I. approach to help gain credibility
      3. Dolcera’s Supervised Automation (Machine Learning) approach to get the best of both A.I. and manual analysis for the benefit of tech transfer / tech scouts.

[keynote] How Worried Should You Be About Artificial Intelligence?

Dr. West will discuss the accelerating pace of tech innovation, the opportunities and risks of AI, possible impact on the workforce, and a policy blueprint for moving forward. The session will include recent case studies of AI applications in healthcare, finance, and e-commerce and what they tell us about the future of work

Darrell M. West      Vice President and Senior Fellow of Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution








[Roundtable] Ai brainstorm for tech transfer professionals and tech scouts

This roundtable will help understand the pain points faced by the tech transfer and tech scouts using the AI for their specific needs. Also, the round table would be an opportunity to share honest opinion if the AI has helped the tech transfer / tech scouts at all.

Facilitated by Manik Bala, Marketing Director, Dolcera Corporation

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