Thursday, May 20th: Strategic Innovation Management

[Keynote] The Transformation myth
Gerald Kane                        Associate Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Information Systems, CSOM.


[Breakout] Foresight to Enable Post-Pandemic Innovation

The pandemic has created a disruption that will continue long after vaccines end the crisis. After a short period of celebration, people’s post-pandemic behavior is very uncertain. This makes initiating and managing innovation projects difficult. Missing the market through indecision, however, is equally risky. Companies have commissioned foresight projects to provide guidance on post-pandemic market scenarios to ideate new products, services and experiences, and provide milestones to manage innovation projects to land at the right time with the right value proposition. This session will explore background motivation for the foresight projects, the methods used and rationale, as well as impact on the innovation portfolio. Discussion points will include organizational challenges to the projects, unexpected outcomes, and lessons learned applicable to all companies.

Christian Crews Principal, WavePoint
Staci Ball                            Director of Human Insights, Clorox Company
Scott Winston                  Senior Manager for Commercial Science, Diageo
[Breakout] Partnerships for Enterprise Transformation: Success Factors & Lessons Learned

Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) research finds that a deliberate “ecosystem” approach to building external partnerships helps manufacturers go further and faster in strategic initiatives such as digital transformation, doubling performance levels on metrics for innovation and speed of new production development. Join this panel discussion with operations, finance and HR leaders for cross-function insight on what matters most in partnerships that accelerate transformation today.

David Beckoff                    Vice President, Product Development & Insights, MAPI


[Breakout] Effectiveness of University Engagements
Rhonda Crate Advanced Information Technologist, The Boeing Company
Saurabh Sircar                  Senior Manager of Advanced Services, The Boeing Company
[Breakout] Publishing and Promoting Your Research in RTM

At a time when scholarly communication is primarily online, it has become even more important that authors understand the process for publication and promotion of their research. This session will focus on best practice and specific processes for submitting articles to Research-Technology Management and highlight key skills for promoting your published article via social media. The session will present the Author Toolkit designed by the marketing and editorial departments at Taylor and Francis specifically for Research-Technology Management which aims to help guide authors through the process of publication and self-promotion and shares valuable links and resources. It will also provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions about best practice in publishing your research articles more broadly.

Michelle Goff Portfolio Manager for Business, Taylor & Francis
Sophie Forster Marketing Executive, Taylor & Francis
Vicki Whittaker                Global Head of Portfolio – Business, Economics, and Management Journals, Taylor Francis


[Breakout] Ideation to Horizon 2 Opportunity Portfolio

The iHOPe Project brings together a panel of individuals representing some of the best practices of Horizon 2 opportunity management. We know from prior IRI studies that a large percentage of companies struggle to achieve internally consistent decision-making satisfaction for their Horizon 2 opportunities. The panel members bring not only a wealth of practical experience of the ins and
outs of dealing with a variety of opportunities, but also have given considerable thought about how to best (or better) manage product development activity in multidisciplinary teams. Horizon 2 initiatives are staged between uncertainty and certainty and require a demanding blend of management and leadership. As Geoffrey Moore argues, the corporation should assign its very best people to Horizon 2 challenges. The panel discussion will be led by Stephanie Hartwig and Scott Mathews, Co-chairs of the iHOPe Project.
Questions will be based on the patterns of practices and insights that they learned during a year of research for the project.

Scott Mathews The iHOPe Project
Stephanie Hartwig The iHOPe Project




[Breakout] Alternative Strategies for Addressing IP Infringement

This session will discuss recent developments in trade secret legislation and copyright infringement case law. These developments may have created new opportunities to address IP infringement, a critical problem causing significant financial losses for right holders and legitimate businesses around the world.

Speaker: Omar Hakim (Professor of Practice, Texas A&M University

[Keynote] 2021 Holland Award: Long-term r&d Strategy & Planning – The Paradox of Innovation

The future is impossible to predict with confidence. Companies are experiencing new stresses as they seek to make investments that will protect them from disruption and lead them to new opportunities and growth. This pressure is magnified for R&D which is responsible for allocating resources to future innovations and technology platforms that support future business growth. R&D teams must make investments in technology development for products that extend beyond the timeframes for which businesses have insights on where markets, customers and competitors will be. We will recap our work and insights found on the state of R&D planning for longer-term timeframes where insights regarding the future are limited.

Pam Henderson                CEO & Founder, NewEdge
Terry Rosenstiel, Emeritus, USG Corporation
Kent Young                          Senior Director of Technology for Global Supply Chain R&D, Sherwin-Williams Company








facilitated roundtable: virtual tech scouting in the new normal

In response to the global pandemic, Tech Scouting and Open Innovation practices have evolved to accommodate virtual work. Over the past year, as both in-person conferences and routine business travel disappeared, scouting teams relied heavily on work-from-home processes. To one degree or another, bedrock practices have all shifted online – ecosystem scanning and technology sourcing; partner vetting and selection; due diligence and relationship building; etc.

In this roundtable, we will discuss pitfalls, opportunities, and lessons learned from adapting to these “virtual tech scouting” practices.

Jonathan Jewett              VP of Corporate Sales, Wellspring
Peter Van Nortwick Senior Account Executive, Wellspring

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